On Wednesday, 21 June 2017, CJM had organised a yoga session on account of International Yoga Day for Std V and Std VI . The students performed yoga in the school hall under the supervision of the Yoga instructors . Yoga is an old discipline from India. It helps both spiritual and physical fitness of oneself. Yoga comprises of breathing techniques, exercises and meditations. The Ex- student of CJM, Ms. Shivani Dange and her yoga teacher Ms. Priyankshi, a physician held up a yoga session for them. The students were asked to sit straight to develop a good posture. The students were instructed to do Asanas (position) such as padmasana, uttanasana, trikonasana,etc.

This made the students feel active, fresh and more energetic At the end of the session the students understood the importance of yoga such as peace of mind, fitness, weight loss, concentration etc. The students were made aware that yoga helps to build strength within us and gives our mind a positive outlook, practicing yoga regularly is good for their health.