To improve the skill of clear and expressive speech , especially of distinct Pronunciation and articulation CJM  school had arranged an English elocution competition on Thursday ,13th July 2017, for Std  V  to  Std  VII  with  great enthusiasm and zeal. The oral skills displayed by the participants were of highest order. This competition helped in building up the confidence and developing communication skills in students. The Judges for the day was Miss Filomena Rodrigues and Miss Elsy Clement, the dedicated teachers of CJM.

The students presented their perspective on the current topic and won the hearts of judges and audience with their confidence, expression and talent and made the event really memorable. In the end both the judges gave some tips to improve the skills of speech and also encouraged other students to participate more. The winners were awarded at the end .

Bangale Prajakta – VII B

The winners of the competition are as follows: