The Parent Teacher Association is playing a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of the school machinery. It is the prop and support of all endeavours and establishes a positive and constructive link between parents- children-school.

The Principal is the president. The vice-president is elected from among the parents. The secretary is elected from among the teachers.

Under PTAs patronage and whole hearted co-operation all development with in the academic and non-academic area take place. The PTA Executive Council meets at regular intervals.  Positive and Negative feedbacks are openly discussed for timely improvement and correction.

The school supports and encourages an on-going partnership between the school, parents and management in a secular environment, in order to cater to the needs of our children to help them perform excellently academically, morally and spiritually.

The PTA is elected annually according to the norms laid down by the State Education Department. PTA members support the school by:-

  • Reviewing the schools progress through Parent Teacher Meeting
  • Supporting effective communication between the School and Parents.
  • Supporting the school’s various activities and initiatives. E.g. Organising social events/ activities for children.

The School encourages parents to be involved in the social and emotional development of the child, thereby actively contributing to the effective functioning of the School.



Name of Parent

I Mrs. Rajeshri Zende
II Mrs. Kanchan Sahane
III Mr. Rajendra Jangilwar
IV Mrs.Rajee Pise
V Mr. Sampat Gawali
VI Mr. Ajit Singh
VII Mrs. Marie Lourdes Pinto
VIII Mr. Michael Cruz
IX Mrs. Gretta D’Almeida
X Mrs. Jigisha Doshi


Helper’s Day

The P.T.A members had well organised the Helper’s Day programme. Various interesting games were conducted by them for the helpers. The helpers actively participated in all the games. Prizes and snacks were also arranged by the P.T.A members. The helpers were felicitated with flowers, cards and gifts. The helpers enjoyed themselves thoroughly on their special day.